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In the Spring 2021 print issue, 14 physicians from across Arizona shared their thoughts on what diversity means to them and the future of diversity in Arizona. 


Toni Stockton, MD, shares insights from a career full of triumphs overcoming racial and gender biases. She shares how diversity will improve Arizona's physician workforce.


Brian Powell takes a closer look at what steps medical schools across Maricopa County are taking to ensure they have a more diverse medical student population. 


Karyne Vinales, MD, shares why a diverse physician workforce matters, how diverse it is today, and how much more must be done to ensure we create the future we want. 

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Monica Faria, MD, a psychiatrist in Phoenix, AZ shares overcoming major obstacles trying to become a physician and how that helps her treat other physicians. 

The Arizona Health Improvement Plan (AzHIP) was established in 2016 to provide a five year roadmap with 17 health priorities. Learn what some of those new priorities will be. 


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Important Considerations in Re-opening Medical Practices
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Changes to Paycheck Protection
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Improving Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration

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