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What Arizona Docs Are Saying

In the Summer 2021 print issue, physicians from across Arizona shared their insights on rural medicine in Arizona. They make their pitch to fellow physicians.

Holly Rooney, MD

Rural Health Champion: Holly Rooney, MD, of Globe shares why she's passionate and committed to practicing medicine in rural Arizona. 

Rural Arizona

Dan Derksen, MD, Director of University of Arizona's Center for Rural Health shares the state's current rural health outlook. 

Brian Powell sits down with small medical teams creating huge impact across Willcox, AZ. He shares the challenges and triumphs that towns like Willcox face across rural Arizona.

Miranda Preston, JD shares insights into Arizona's new House Bill 2454. This bill promises to drastically decrease barriers to healthcare access faced by residents living in rural Arizona.

Toni Stockton, MD, shares insights from a career full of triumphs overcoming racial and gender biases. She shares how diversity will improve Arizona's physician workforce.

Physicians across Arizona share their collective insights on diversity in medicine. They discuss why its important and why it matters to Arizona.


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Important Considerations in Re-opening Medical Practices
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