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Arizona Physician's Edward Araujo sat down with Chris Yeung, MD, of Desert Institute for Spine Care as he shared his medical journey, his thoughts on insurance, and how his multi-location practice thrives.


Southwest Fertility Center was founded by Sujatha Gunnala, MD, 42 years ago. She know runs her practice with her son, Vinay Gunnala, MD, as maybe the only mother-son physician duo in the country.


Valle Del Sol's Suganya Karuppana, MD, shares how the Inflation Reduction Act will help lower costs for prescription drugs and health insurance. 


Amelia Gallitano, MD, PhD, shares her journey in neuroscience research. We learn how her research will help shape the future of mental health, set up potential diagnoses, and gene therapies for generations to come.


Advocating for Organized Medicine  - Physician Advocacy Series on AZP no date.png


Claudia Gaefke MD

Meet Allergy Asthma Clinic's Claudia L. Gaefke, MD, an Allergist & Immunologist. She shares with Arizona Physician the impact insurance has on private practice.


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