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Arizona Physician's Editor-in-Chief, John McElligott, MPH, sat down with Jason Mussman, MD, FACS, co-founder at Regency Specialties to discuss how they have become one of the most successful practices in Arizona.

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Find out what physicians across Arizona think when it comes to integrative medicine and its impact on their patients and on medicine.


Managing Editor, Edward Araujo visited with world renowned integrative medicine physician, Dr. Andrew Weil. They discuss the medical movement Dr. Weil founded and spearheaded plus his over 50 years in medicine.


Arizona Physician got the opportunity to sit down with HonorHealth Integrative Medicine Clinic's leaders to discuss their integrative approach to medicine and its impact on their patients.


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Meet Ironwood Cancer & Treatment Center's Heidi Rula, MD, as she discusses integrative medicine's impact on oncology. 


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