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Meet Mark Stephan, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer at Equality Health, Inc. Dr. Stephan shares his thoughts  on value-based care. 



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David Ott, MD, shares his passion for orthopedics and his patients through a high standard brought on by a value-based model his practice incorporates. 

What Arizona Docs Are Saying

In the Fall 2021 print issue, physicians from across Arizona shared their thoughts on value-based care. Is value-based care here to stay, find out. 

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Ned Stolzberg, MD, of Hospice of the Valley, discusses how Advanced Illness Partners came to be and how this new value-based care model will benefit hospice care. 

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What is value-based care? What are the pros & cons? Is value-based care for all physicians? Find out about its current and future implications. 

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Melissa A Soliz, JD, and Helen Oscislawski, JD, update physicians on  the New IBR that requires the immediate release of electronic health info to patient portals. 


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An Arizona Physician's Insights from "Self-Medication Nation" Survey
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Helping Patients with Possible Dementia
The Hospital Payment Differential: CMS Decides to Stop Paying More for Less
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