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What is In Depth? 

Physicians and their practices/organizations are providing great care to their patients across Arizona. In, In Depth  we highlight some of the exceptional practices/organizations and the physician leaders that drive their success. 


HonorHealth Integrative Medicine Clinic

Learn more about integrative medicine and its impact on patients. 


Southwest Fertility Center

Learn how a mother-son physician tandem succeed in spite of insurance reimbursement obstacles they face. 

Regency Specialties fountain.jpg

Regency Specialties

Learn how a dermatology and plastic surgery practice merged to create one of northwest Phoenix's top practices. 


Scottsdale Mental Health and Wellness Institute

Learn about the psychiatric care provided by Scottsdale Mental Health & Wellness Institute.

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Heart & Vascular Center of Arizona

Learn about big data in cardiology plus what makes Heart & Vascular Center of Arizona successful. 

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Valleywise Health

Learn about Valleywise Health and the role they play in graduate medical education. 

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