About Arizona Physician

Connecting physicians in Arizona since 1955

Arizona Physician Magazine provides timely and important information for physicians across Arizona. Using print, digital and audio formats to reach all physicians in Arizona plus all that work alongside them. 

Our Story

Starting in 1955 with five issues, Arizona Physician and its precursor, Round-Up have helped connect physicians across Maricopa County and Arizona. From hospitalists, mid-size practices to sole practitioners, Arizona Physician provides important information that helps physicians succeed.

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Our Mission 

To bring a timely and informative magazine to all physicians in Arizona

Our Vision

All physicians in Arizona having access to the publication in print, digital and audio formats

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John McElligott, MPH, Editor-in-Chief, Arizona Physician

John is the Editor-in-Chief of Arizona Physician and Executive Director of Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS). 

Edward Araujo, Managing Editor, Arizona Physician

Edward is the Managing Editor of Arizona Physician print & digital  and Communications Coordinator for Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS).